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Master of Defensive Arts

Participate in the program and achieve goals

Results-oriented training

The Master of Defensive Arts training is designed to turn you into a professional coach and give you the best start into self-employment in a difficult industry.


From plan to reality

From the very beginning, you will be individually accompanied by the lecturers on your path and professionally prepared for your future independence. The modular training structure gives you full flexibility. If you are unable to take a preparatory module, you can do so in the following year before completing the examination module.


Part of the community

Already during the training, a close social structure is formed through the shared tasks. But even after you have completed your exams, you are part of an elite community that supports and respects one another. 


stay up to date

"If you stop getting better, you've stopped being good." True to this motto, even after the exams you have exclusive access to knowledge, skills and further training opportunities that will always keep you up to date.


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