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Master of Defensive Arts (firearms) - M.D.A


As the first state-recognized course provider, we have been offering training to become a recognized shooting instructor/teacher for the non-official market since 2018 and now stand for the highest quality standards in the industry. 

The Qualification as M.D.A. can be acquired for civilian applications or defensive shooting as part of a 1-year, modular training course. It is basically divided into 5 modules, of which Modules I-IV must be completed as preparatory modules within a maximum of 2 years. After completing the 4 preparatory modules, you will be admitted to Module V, which contains all exams. The training courses are divided into online training, classroom training and self-study phases, each accompanied by theoretical and practical intermediate examinations. 

For temporary civil servants and temporary soldiers, the training is eligible for funding in accordance with the relevant pension law (e.g. Soldiers' Pensions Act §5). Course fees include training. Lecturers, learning materials, stand fees and examination fees. Ammunition, accommodation and food are not included.



- at least 21 years old

- valid firearm ownership card/hunting license

- at least your own handgun and self-loading rifle

- good to very good basic skills in handling short and long weapons

- Certificate of safety from the responsible weapons authority (not older than 2 months for start of training)

- If necessary, expansion of requirements for firearms to be used 

- physical and psychological resilience

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