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The requirements for members of the authorities are becoming more and more complex, the training and further education time less and less.

We support you as an office in preparing your staff adequately and sustainably for special tasks.

With competence and many years of experience, we make our skills and knowledge available to you and your staff.

Training and reality mostly only coincide on paper - our goal is to bring reality and topicality into training so that you and your staff can face all situations in everyday work or in dangerous situations in a stress-resistant manner.

Choose the topic and the objective of the training and we will take care of the rest; from conception and planning to implementation and follow-up.

Here you will find an overview of our portfolio - if you are interested, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry


Service weapons courses

The service weapon is the constant companion in action and, in an emergency, life insurance for users and their partners.

Mastering the service weapon in an emergency is the top priority of the user.

From our own experience, we know the peculiarities of using firearms under stress and therefore know how to prepare for them in the best possible way. Our service weapons seminars not only include advanced training in the sharp shot, but also offer participants various training and action options so that they can practice using them safely and sustainably outside of the shooting range.

The seminars can be implemented as multi-day block training courses or as recurring individual training courses. The scope and duration will be determined with you individually according to the learning group and framework conditions.


Foreign weapons training

Regardless of whether at home or abroad, sooner or later you come into contact with firearms that you are not trained on as a user. Whether it is about the inevitable use for defense, or about the safe handling when securing, the knowledge about the functionality and handling of foreign weapons is essential.

We offer you and your staff the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all common systems, to be able to handle them and, in case of doubt, to use them safely.

Our range of training weapons is extensive and covers all common functional systems. In addition, various add-on parts, modification options and additional devices are available in order to adapt the training to special requirements.


Mission preparation

Stationing abroad for a mission requires preparations that are adapted and tailored to the prevailing circumstances. Both culturally and personally, you and your staff will encounter circumstances that can vary greatly, and that you have to adapt to.
In addition to the increased stress caused by separation, the impending danger and potential for conflict on site pose particular challenges. Acting in a situation-conscious and adapted manner in these circumstances is not always easy. In addition, there is the uncertainty of the course of action in dangerous situations, the so-called SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures).
With our targeted, country-specific preparatory courses, you will receive up-to-date and realistic preparation from our specialists so that you can rely on your skills in the field.


Operational in an urban environment - CQB / CQC

Restricted freedom of movement and the urban environment in operational locations require a high level of ability and skills. From movement in built-up areas to coordination, communication and operational tactics in buildings, you will receive the necessary skills from us in specifically designed and thematically delimited seminars to survive in these situations. Equipment, weapon handling, team tactics, forms of movement and communication are just some of the core aspects that are covered in our courses. Our CQB / CQC trainers are specialists in this field and have many years of experience in operational use and as trainers for this topic.

breach bang clear.jpg

Breaching - creating access

Even if this is part of the subject area of ​​the CQB / CQC, this special area is so comprehensive that we offer our own courses and seminars.

We divide this into two subject areas:

- Creating access by mechanical means

- Access blasts

Our "Breaching" team of trainers has extensive practical knowledge in this area and reflects knowledge and experience from more than 20 years of operational activity. It goes without saying that these training courses not only convey tried and tested procedures, but also include the current state of the art in technology.

Although these courses focus on the topic of creating access, these are always set in an operational context with the environment, ie the application in operational use is the training objective, not the pure access activity.

This is where we differ from other providers - we keep an eye on the overall picture and don't just deliver parts.


Combat Medic

Skilled, medical first aid for injured personnel on duty is a comprehensive and complex topic.
Our specialist staff offers various levels of medic training.
From simple first aid training to Combat Medic, we offer you and your staff competent, realistic and experienced training and further education.

You are interested in our courses for authorities or need a special course concept - contact us!

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