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Our consulting services

We advise on all matters relating to firearms, ammunition, training and education as well as the planning and construction of training facilities

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Initial and continuing education

Competent - close to reality - professional

Would you like competent advice or conceptual support for your training and further education?

With KLSTRATEGIC and our experienced partners, we are happy to support you in your training projects and help you competently and professionally.

From basic training to civil, military or official deployment training to international security tasks and crisis intervention - you will always receive the best quality from us.


Security advice

A professional choice

When it comes to security in crisis areas, it is about your life, your health and your capital. All aspects of personal and infrastructural security form a highly complex construct - we have years of experience in this area, both operationally and in terms of planning, and we provide 100% of our knowledge and skills in all areas of security management.
We provide you with a complete solution from risk assessment to travel security and preparation seminars to operational implementation.


Expert service

with expertise for your success

As recognized experts for weapons and ammunition, we have been dealing with all issues relating to safety, ballistic protection, the effects of ammunition, fact-finding and technical tests for years.
From the simple rule check of your service weapons to the development of innovative protection solutions, you will receive competent and expert advice from us at first hand.

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Planning and project management

All from a single source

Modern education and training facilities, security infrastructure or security measures for your private or business facility - the market offers countless partial solutions. Together with our certified partners, we offer you conception, planning and project management from a single source.

Innovative thinking, goal-oriented planning and professional implementation are aspects that we have successfully combined for many years and thus offer our customers sustainable and modern project solutions.

If you are interested, please contact us - we will be happy to send you the relevant reference documents.

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