From the first idea till the openig, we conduct you in a professional and reliable way to your training range.

Many years of  operational activity paired with the function  as infrastructural planer for specialized and special forces from different agencys build the solid base of our experience in planing and realizing all kind of training ranges for military and law enforcement.  From simple simulaors, all kind of shooting ranges up to complex training centres with high security requirements and very special climatic conditions, we take care of your ideas und make them come true.

We plan and realize whatever you need!

Next to several projects for single departments we also work for several government agencies arround the world. 

Here, we proudly provided our Expertise and reliability in planing and realizing several big projects.

From the first draws of simple modifications up to the Realization of complex training facilities , we satisfy the special  desires of our customers - regarding to the aspects of operational and security  requirements we create,  what others talk about!!