Defensive Shooting Instructor


prerequisits for attending:

- physical and mental fitness

- authorization for attending by 

  §22 AWaffV


  certificate of exemption for attending

  defensive shooting by regional firearms



- firearms licence by  §7 WaffG

- solid basicfirearms handling with 

  pistol and rifle

The first official licenced german defensive shooting instructor training.

the training is divided in 4 moduls, that can be booked complete or seperately:

next  course:

04.-05.april 2020

                                           Medic first responder

2 day modul for first responders training focus on gunshot wounds / trauma

23.-24.may 2020

                                            technics/ handling

2 day modul weapon technics and handling

27.-28.june 2020

                                            main course /exams

9 day main course incl. training ans exams methodology/ didactics, weapon handling, course preperation, shooting exam, technical exam, defensive shooting exam, etc.

18.-25.july 2020